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Welcome to your one-stop solution for premium fencing services in Rockwall, TX. We’re not just any contractor but your trusted partner for all fence repair and installation needs. PSE Home Services offering efficient fencing solutions, our name resonates with quality and professional expertise.

Our Services

Fence Repairs

Fence Repairs

We understand that a sturdy fence is crucial for the privacy and protection of your property. Therefore our fence repair services aim to bring your fence back to soundness with premium quality materials. Our experienced crew can fix all kinds of fences, irrespective of their design and material. From fixing storm damages to curing wear and tear over time, we aim to provide a quick and effective solution that guarantees long-term resilience.
Fencing Staining

Fencing Staining

The fence staining service we offer not only enhances the visual appeal of your fencing but also increases its longevity by providing resistance against harsh weather elements. Our professional team is apt at applying the right staining product that complements your fencing material, preventing it from going grey or looking dull. We prepare the fence surface thoroughly before applying the stain to ensure uniform coverage and deep saturation.
Fence Replacement

Fence Replacement

Over time, fences may deteriorate beyond repair, requiring a complete replacement. We offer comprehensive fence replacement and wood fence installation services tailored to your needs. After thoroughly assessing the existing structure, we offer a range of design and material options. Our team then seamlessly removes the old fence and installs the new one ensuring minimal disruption to your property.
Gate Repairs

Gate Repairs

A malfunctioning gate can pose security risks and become an inconvenience. Our gate repair services cover all gates, regardless of their make and design. We specialize in repairing common issues such as sagging gates, damaged hinges, or faulty locks, ensuring your gate works efficiently and smoothly. Our experts can troubleshoot and resolve any issue, restoring functionality and security to your property’s entrance.
Concrete Patios

Concrete Patios

We offer services for the construction and repair of concrete patios. They are durable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing additions to your property. Our team of professionals ensures high-quality workmanship, using top-of-the-line materials to provide stylish, long-lasting outdoor space. We manage every aspect of the project, from design to the final execution, delivering a patio that matches your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.
Fence Contractor

Benefits of PSE Home Services services:

The benefits of our services are multi-fold. With our team of experienced technicians, we ensure quick and reliable fence repair, transforming your worn-out fences into strong barriers once again. From wood to vinyl, our proficient team handles all materials carefully, ensuring your fence withstands time and weather. Consider us your personal, affordable fencing solution.

How is the work done?

With us, you can be assured of superior-quality fence installations. We meticulously cater to each step involved, from choosing the right material to fitting the final plank. Our industry experts guarantee seamless fence installation – done right the first time, every time. We ensure both longevity and aesthetic appeal for your fences within your budget. Finally, our competitive pricing sets us apart as the go-to fence contractor for all your fencing needs. We understand the importance of safety and security without compromising elegance and style.

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The services are available in these locations:

  • Mobile, TX;
  • Terrell, TX;
  • Fate, TX;
  • Royse, TX;
  • Princeton, TX;

Longing for the perfect fence? Contact us now at (469) 218-3903 in Rockwall, TX and let our vinyl fence installation professionals turn that dream into a reality.

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by Shannon Martinez on PSE Home Services
Customer Love!

It is the top fence repair company in town. They are professional, they are fast, and their prices are reasonable. I always root for them anyone who has a fence that needs repair.

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  • Fence Repairs
  • Fencing Staining
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